Program Benefits

Global Scholars supports the following key objectives:

  • Broaden students’ local-to-global perspective by learning from peers in other cities
  • Gain subject matter content knowledge on an issue of mutual concern
  • Equip students to navigate a 21st century virtually-connected world
  • Augment digital technology proficiency
  • Promote English language practice and literacy

Computers and Internet connection are required to participate in this Internet-based curriculum and access the secure, pass-coded e-classroom. The program activities are conducted in English. There is no fee to take part in Global Scholars.

E-Classroom Tour

In Their Own Words

Global scholars Students | Moscow, Russian Federation

"What is a Global Scholar?" Students in Moscow's Intellectual International Gymnasium made this video for their first assignment in Global Scholars, a digital exchange program connecting them to 10,000 peers worldwide through a shared curriculum and an e-classroom. 

Global scholars Students | Jakarta, IndONESIA

“Being a Global Scholar is important because we need to learn stuff from other countries and to communicate better with international peers.” 

Mònica Pereña | Barcelona, Spain

Deputy Director General of Language and Multilingualism, Catalan Regional Ministry of Education

“We have made Global Scholars one of our educational priorities because it helps students use English in a formal and subtle way. Students have to find strategies to understand the same thing said in different ways—and they learn that what they are doing in their city may be done differently in other cities.”

Ranjini Krishnaswamy | Mumbai, India

Billabong High School, Principal

“I would say to all schools, administrators, managers, as well as teachers: grab the opportunity if you’re invited. You don’t need to spend anything and you’re able to add value to your children’s education.”

Linda Rosenbury | New york, ny

Brooklyn Urban Garden School, Principal

“Global Scholars is able to model for students how they can present themselves to the world as innovators, as thinkers and have debates with kids across the globe. It’s been really excellent. It’s not the paper to turn into the teacher to put in the desk. It’s a global platform that’s motivating students to improve their writing.”


Bob Brazofsky | Miami, fl

Executive Director of Social Sciences Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“I believe schools have a civic mission to guide students in how to morally use technology in a constructive manner. Programs like Global Scholars are very, very important to push the agenda forward, to give students the skills they need to make proper decisions about what they’re putting online.”



global scholars students | mumbai, India

“I still cannot cease to be amazed by the diversity of thinking among people and the millions of ways of interpreting a simple sentence.”


"As an educator, I feel that the use of technology and introduction to new software programs were amazing. From video editing to poster design and then problem solving, Global Scholars opened up a world of possibilities. We are also at a very diverse school where we have many refugees from all over the world. Global Scholars helped our students understand other cultures and the fact that students from other countries have similar issues."

Jan Dylewski, Teacher, Grabiarz Campus School, P.S. 79, Buffalo, NY

"My students have learned most by posting and replying in the e-classroom. They had to use English "for real" and write to someone who doesn't understand Swedish. Good practice for my students! We have also talked a lot about countries all over the world, different cultures and languages."

Maria Ödmar, Teacher, Lexby Skola, Gothenburg, Sweden

Student Survey Sampling:
What do you hope to learn in Global Scholars?

Dubai:  I hope I could finally understand how is the lifestyle of people outside Dubai and learn more about what is happening  in the world.

Jakarta:  I hope that I could help improve my country by learning other countries' ways (good ways and bad ways) so I could use their good ways but not make their mistakes.

Madrid:  I want to learn the different types of food. Others’ monuments. How they live and if they are ecological people or no. I want to learn what they do in the free time, how they work in projects, and if they learn of other countries.

New York City:  I want to learn as much as I can. I want to know a lot because when I make it to the Olympics I need to know the country’s background.

Taipei:  I hope 1. We learn more about cities around the word. 2. The courage to communicate with foreigners. 3. Learn more English. 4. We can share ideas with each other.


Students show off their favorite classrooms and the year’s first snowfall as they explore “What is a Global Scholar?” for a Unit 1 assignment.


Students in Taipei, Taiwan showcased "YouBike" and other digitally-inspired innovations in their city for their peers in the e-classroom.