In Their Own Words

Global scholars Students | Jakarta, IndONESIA

“Being a Global Scholar is important because we need to learn stuff from other countries and to communicate better with international peers.” 
— Global Scholars Students, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ranjini Krishnaswamy | Mumbai, India

Billabong High School, Principal

cristina banfi | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ministry of education, director of foreign languages

“I would say to all schools, administrators, managers, as well as teachers: grab the opportunity if you’re invited. You don’t need to spend anything and you’re able to add value to your children’s education.”
— Ranjini Krishnaswamy, Principal, Billabong High School, Mumbai, India
“ We saw GS as a great opportunity to build bridges. It’s bridges with other countries and other classrooms. It’s bridges across teachers who work together and sometimes used to work side by side. On the one hand the technology allows us to provide a space where this can happen, but also there’s this subject matter that can be discussed and that brings real life concerns to the classrooms; that’s another bridge - the classroom and the real world. “
— Dr. Cristina Banfi, Director of Foreign Languages, City of Buenos Aires