Marjorie B. Tiven

Founder and President, Global Cities, Inc.

“Our vision – and the reason we believe in the importance of connecting students internationally in digital classrooms – is to inspire kids to learn about the world and appreciate diversity, not fear it.”


Mike Bloomberg

Founder, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg LP;
108th Mayor of the City of New York

“Giving students the ability to interact with and understand different cultures is critical to building a brighter future. Combating cultural ignorance—and the fear and intolerance it breeds—begins with young people.”


Michael Nutter

98th Mayor of Philadelphia

“I think that a part of a well-rounded education beyond the traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic has to be a global experience. Our children will help us as we go toward the future, making sure that we know more and more about each other.”


Fernando Reimers

Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“When Global Cities, Inc. is engaging students in understanding what sustainability means, and how topics that are global connect with actions that are local, and how that global citizenship absolutely connects with local leadership, it is helping them discover how to take action. It is helping to build confidence. It is shaping the disposition that we are in charge.”