Global Cities, Inc. – A Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies

Global Cities is a new non-profit organization formed to provide a public policy forum that shares information for the practical benefit of global cities worldwide.

As a Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Global Cities functions under its auspices and supports the goals and values of Bloomberg Philanthropies.


To connect global cities through a practical international information-sharing network that provides meaningful forums for exchanging up-to-date best practices to address current issues impacting cities, and to develop global awareness among the next generation through cross-national interactive educational programs designed to enhance their ability to act as global citizens.


  • To facilitate collaborative exchanges on innovative urban policies among high-level municipal decision-makers, business leaders, expert academics, and engaged citizens in global cities worldwide
  • To provide access to best practices that improve municipal governance through a web-based knowledge platform
  • To evaluate internet-based global awareness curricula for middle school students participating in the cross-national education program

Global Cities is headquartered in New York City, with an organizational start-up that initiated in September 2012; followed by a launch of its programming agenda in 2013.