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Global Cities, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting cities around the world through an information-sharing network that provides meaningful forums for exchanging best practices on current issues impacting cities and to develop global awareness among the next generation through cross-national interactive educational programs. As a Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Global Cities functions under its auspices and supports the goals and values of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Global Scholars

Do your students have an opportunity to communicate directly with their peers across the globe? The Global Scholars program, operated by Global Cities, Inc., allows students 10 to 13 years old to do just that in e-classrooms. See what students and teachers have to say! 

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Global digital exchange harnesses technology to educate children and young adults to be successful citizens in a globalized world. The unique feature of global digital exchange is that learning occurs through the direct online connection of students with their peers in other countries.
— Evaluating Global Digital Education: Student Outcomes Framework



Philadelphia teacher Janene Hasan describes how Global Scholars inspired her students to advocate for better school lunches—and realize that their actions could make a difference. Read more



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Global Competency Begins Here Brochure


Evaluating Global Digital Education:
Student Outcomes Framework